My Story and How it Ties Into Yours

A Bit About Me and How I Can Help You

I write my clients’ stories and promote their businesses from the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, California. (Yes, it’s amazing here and no, I don’t just surf all day, although it’s mighty tempting … )

My clients are typically mission-driven companies from the San Francisco Bay Area who need help explaining to the world what they do and who they serve. Fortunately, I’m pretty good at telling other people’s stories so they hire me to update their website copy, ghostwrite blog posts, and craft newsletters that people actually want in their inbox.

When I’m not writing for my clients, I’m typically writing about natural and cultural history and my outdoor adventures throughout the Santa Cruz area and beyond. My work has been published by several online publications, including Mobile Ranger, Visit Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz Life, and Hilltromper.

Before I was a writer by trade, I got my bachelors in environmental studies from UC Santa Cruz. I then moved on to work with environmental non-profits as an educator, visitor services coordinator, and board member. I've always been a listener and an observer, but this work inspired me to pay close attention to the natural world around me and to our role within it. I now apply this focus to my clients and their business, paying close attention to what they do and how they impact their community.

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